Tattoos On Your Eyes?

Maybeline 24 Hour Color Tattoo

This cream shadow is perfect for summer! it stays on forever and it doesn't move or fade. Even in those hot days and when you sweat.
This is my favorite shade its called On and on Bronze.

.هذا ظل كريمي ممتاز حق الصيف يضل فترة طويله جدا ولا يخف ولا يتحرك. حتى في الأيام الحارة و العرق
 On and on Bronze.اسم هاذي الدرجة

As you can see its such a beautiful color very shimmery bronze.
you can wear it as an eyeshadow it self alone or as a base for your powders.
how i like to wear it is put it all over my eyelid with my ring finger and in the crease i apply a matte brown powder.

هذا اللون جدا جميل. ممكن تحطينه على الجفن كله لحاله او أساس للظل الباودر لأنه يثبتهم. أنا احب استعمل اصبعي و أنا 
.احطه و اضيف عليه شوي ظل بني مطفي

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