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This post might be a little different but i'm going to be talking about my experience with this restaurant.
so first i will start with the atmosphere it was really nice and quite the place isn't that big but there
was enough space between the tables.
for their food i ordered this >

.هذا البوست بكون شوي متختلف رح اتكلم عن تجربتي في هذا المطعم و رأيي فيه
 .اول شيء الجو العام كان جميل و رايق المكان مو مره كبير بس كان في مسافه مناسبه بين الطاولات
< هذا الأكل إلي طلبته

it sounded so much better on the menu i don't remember whats it called but its basically "spicy" chicken wrapped in tortilla bread. i didn't enjoy their food at all but it was eatable i mean i ate it anyways! lol but i wouldn't order it again.

for dessert i had an oreo cheesecake >

.بالمنيو حسيته مره حلو، بس بالطبيعة طلع خبز تورتيلا داخله دجاج "سبايسي" بس انه ما كان مرره شيء يعني أكلته

 <للحلى طلبت اوريو شيزكيك

i have to admit they way they present their food was really pretty but the cake was fine its nothing special.

my over all experience was fine not the best id give it 6/10
and i would go there again to try something else because everyone seems to like it, maybe i just didn't choose the right thing?

.الصراحة طريقة تقديم مره جميلة. الكيكة كان طعمها عادي

ترجبتي بشكل عام كانت عادية اعطيها ٦ من ١٠
و ممكن اروح هناك مره ثانية اجرب شيء ثاني لأن القعدة حلوه و كل أحد يحبه فيمكن بس طبقي ما كان مره حلو

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