Hello! i'm back with another empties post!
i love doing these posts where i writing my final thoughts on the products 
and if i would repurchase them again or not

السلام عليكم
هذا البوست بكون عن الاشياء اللي خلصتها
احب اسوي هذا النوع من البوست علشان اكتب رايي النهائي عن كل منتج
 و اذا بشتريه مره ثانيه او لا

let's get started!

يلا نبدأ

1. Elvive re-nurition deep nourishing masque

this hair mask is by Loreal
i've already done a review on it click here to check it out

but basically its a hair mask that i use in the shower
i apply it after washing my hair and leave if for almost 10 minutes then rinse it off
it gives me soft hair and makes it less frizzy
and smells so good

i've repurchase this before and i would repurchase it again

1. Elvive re-nurition deep nourishing masque

هذا ماسك للشعر من لوريال
سويت عنه ريفيو من قبل ممكن تشوفينه من هنا

بس بشكل عام ماسك جميل جدا
استعمله بالشاور بعد ما اغسل شعري اخليه لمده ١٠ دقايق تقريبا
بعدين اغسله
بخلي شعري ناعم و يقلل من الانتفاش
و ريحته جميله

ممكن اشتريه مره ثانيه

2. Biore deep cleaning pore strips

these where good they got the job done
the got rid of most of my blackheads not all of them though
i liked it but i wouldn't repurchase it again 
just because i think they are better products

2. Biore deep cleaning pore strips

هاذولي كانوا كويسين و شالوا الرؤوس السوداء بس مو كلها
عجبني المنتج
بس ما رح اشتريه مره ثانيه 
علشان ابي اجرب غيره احس في احسن منه

3. Johnsons face care nourishing facial cleansing wipes

i like using these wipes to remove my makeup, they remove most of it
but i still have to wash my face after it and use a toner because they don't get rid of all of it

i always repurchase these
i like them and the pink ones
when i find they're having a buy one get one free sale i stack up on them
because i go through them really fast

3. Johnsons face care nourishing facial cleansing wipes

احب استعمل هاذي المناديل
تشيل اغلب الميك اب
بس ما اعتمد عليها لازم اغسل وجهي بعدها و استعمل تونر لانه ما يشيل كل شيء

دايما اشتري منهم
ولمه يكون مسوين عليهم تخفيض اشتري كثير و اخليهم
لان بسرعه اخلصهم

4. Maxfactor Lipfinty lasting lip tint

this is just a lip stain for your lips
it kinda looks like a marker
it stains your lips with a nice red color

i liked it because sometimes i don't want to put anything on my lips but they look so dull
and white so i just put some of this tint
it doesn't moistures or anything like that
it just gives your lips some color
and this doesn't last for a long time on your lips

4. Maxfactor Lipfinty lasting lip tint

هذا عباره عن ملون للشفايف
كانه ماركر
لونه احمر

حبيته لان مرات تكون شفايفي باهته ما مالي خلق روج
فاستعمل هذا بس بعطيهم لون خفيف
ما يرطب ولا شيء بس لون
و ما يدوم فتره طويله

this is how it looks like from the inside
its in the shade number 8

هذا شكله
رقمه ٨

5. Bioderma micellaire water

i'm sure everyone know this product
i like it
it removes all the dirt and makeup
i use it to remove my eye makeup

i wouldn't repurchase this product again
just because i think there are cheaper alternatives 

5. Bioderma micellaire water

اكيد الكل يعرف بايودرما
احبها استعمله و يشيل مكياج العيون و ينظف الوجه

بس مارح اشتريه مره ثانيه
علشان احس في منتجات تسوي نفس الشيء بسعر ارخص 
جالسه اجرب كم واحد الحين

6. Ice Mush Body Spray by Boots

i love this scent
it smells so good!
i want to buy the rest of this collection
since this is a body spray it doesn't last very long
but i don't mind that

its such a nice and fresh scent

i would defiantly repurchase this again

6. Ice Mush Body Spray by Boots

حبييت ريحته
خفيفه و فرش
ودي اشتري الكولكشن كامل

بما انه هذا عطر جسم فريحته ما تدوم فتره طويله 
بالنسبه لي عادي

ممكن اشتريه مره ثانيه

7. Dove silk dry deodorant

i love dove deodorants in general
this was great it got the job done

i keep repurchasing them again
but i wouldn't repurchase this scent again

7. Dove silk dry deodorant

احب مزيل العرق حق دوف بشكل عام
دايما اشتري منهم
بس هاذي الريحة بالذات ما رح اشتريها مره ثانيه

8. Papaya Spa Salt

this is a scrub for your body
i liked it
i noticed that my skin became softer after using it
it smells nice

what i didn't like about it is
that its really messy
its not like a gel its more like salt
so it goes everywhere

and the packaging isn't that great
you can't easily close this back

its orange so you'll see orange all over your shower
but it doesn't stain on anything like that

i went through it really quickly
i would repurchase it only if they changed the packaging

8. Papaya Spa Salt

هذا مقشر للجسم اعجبني
لاحظة جسمي صار انعم بعد استعماله
ريحته طيبه

اللي ما اعجبني فيه انه
حوسه شوي لأنه متناثر مو جل او شيء زي كذا

التعليب مو ممتاز لأن صعب تسكرينه بعد ما تفتحينه

لونه برتقالي فلمه يجيه المويا تصير المويا برتقاليه
بس ما يطبع ولا شيء

خلص بسرعه
ممكن اشتريه مره ثانية اذا غيروا التعليب

9. Ultra rich face cream by L'Occitane
i had a couple of samples from this cream
i used them all and loved it!
this cream was really moisturising 

i would go and buy the full size of this

9. Ultra rich face cream by L'Occitane

كان عندي اكثر من سامبل لهذا الكريم
استعملتهم كلهم و حبيته

ممكن اشتري الحجم الكبير منه

last but not least

10.Lilac Blossom candle from Bath & Body Works

this scent was so lovely
it smells so good and refreshing 
if you like flower scents you'll love this
its not a sicking scent thats for sure

it burned really well

i would repurchase this again

and thats it for this empties post
i hope you enjoyed this one

have a lovely day =D

اخر شيء

10.Lilac Blossom candle from Bath & Body Works

هاذي كانت ريحتها تجنن
مره حبيتها
اذا تحبين روايح الورود بتعجبك هاذي
و احلى شيء ماكانت قويه مره تحسين صداع
بالعكس متوسط

طولت معاي و حبيتها

و بس هذا نهاية البوست اتمنى اعجبكم

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