Are They Real?


this is such a lovely mascara 
it enlogatse my lashed and makes them look fuller and gives them a lot of volume

مسكرتي المفضلة من ريفلون
تطول الرموش و تكثفها و تخلي كل رمشه لحالها ما تشبكهم ببعض

the formula in it is very nice its not that wet it doesn't clump your lashes the more you apply the longer they're going to look

الحلو اللي فيها انه كل ما زتي ما تكتل الرموش

the wand in it is very nice as well it separates your lashes perfectly

i got it in 003 brown by mistake honestly but it was a lovely mistake cause it looks more natural this way.

فرشتها حلوه تساعد على تفريق الرموش

شريت اللون البني منها بالصراحه بالغلط عادة اشتري الاسود بس طلع اللون حلو صاير على طبيعي اكثر

i personally feel its really close to They're Real by Benefit. but the brush on it is less staby 

احسها جدا قريبه من مسكرة بنفت ذير ريل بس حقتهم احس فرشتها مره دبوسيه و تعور هاذي احسن

i got it from boots.

شريتها من بوتس

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